"God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; male & female He created them"

Gen 1 v 27







Created to Worship began in 2011.  Matt and Bethan Venn felt challenged to explore worship as a lifestyle and as a creative expression of love to Father God, using their musical and artistic abilities.  They organised their first event for Feb 2012 and since then have hosted conferences,  creative workshops, prayer room style worship days and schools.  These events are often held in community buildings, rather than churches, to enable people of any or no faith to attend and see what God is doing.  God's blueprint for Created to Worship is developing year on year.  It seeks to encourage 'Kingdom' principles and is taking believers and Christianity outside of 'church', to be a blessing to the community.

We encourage relationships with local businesses, so that the area prospers financially when Created to Worship comes to town!  We promote the local businesses and encourage the visitors to our events to use the shops and takeaways.  At our larger events, our delegates and students are given a wristband which can entitle them to deals and discounts in the local shops/cafes.  We have testimonies from local proprietors, of atmospheres changing as believers sit in local cafes and restaurants and take Holy Spirit with them.  

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